BOS Speaker Profile – Pavol Krasnovsky – RTSmunity

Pavol Krasnovsky, founder and CEO of RTSmunity, is speaking on ‘Data Crunching – live betting in esports’ at the upcoming Betting on Sports conference (September 15-16) in London. 

Pavol Krasnovsky, RTSmunity
Pavol Krasnovsky, RTSmunity

We caught up with him ahead of the two day event to discuss the work RTSmunity has been doing in the past year, the development of its analytical system and more.

SBC: Hi Pavol, can you talk us through the various services that RTSmunity offers, and the relationships you’ve developed in the betting industry to date?

Pavol: We focus mainly on providing premium in-play odds for professional matches in games such as League of Legends and Dota 2.

We are the first company worldwide to provide the odds feed based on fully automated algorithmic systems, so that is what makes us stand out. Besides that, we aspire to cover other aspects of the expanding field too. We’ve been working on our fraud detection system for a long time and we’re hoping that it will bring new and successful methods in tackling match fixing. We’re not forgetting the players either; we have developed in-game applications that they can use to improve their skills.

In the short time since we started the company, we have made connections mostly in Asia, where there are many devoted esports fans and agencies providing services for them. In addition we’ve joined forces with some of the tournament providers, such as the Turner ELEAGUE or E-frag, for which we are now an official partner.

SBC: How long has your fraud detection been in the developmental stages? The sheer amount of data that is involved in assessing esports is monumental, just how different is it to traditional sports?

Pavol: The fraud detection system has been a long running project. We have been trying to come up with a new, more effective approach for about two years, and the work has become more intense for the past six months with some additions to the team. I hope that it will soon be ready to be used in the field.

The nature of esports can be an advantage for us but it also makes it more challenging. See, esports is so much more complex in that there is huge amount of data that we have to analyse in order to find a pattern. Every move of the team or a hero can be measured and quantified, but it is far from easy and requires advanced algorithmic models.

SBC: Is your own background very much in esports, are you a fan and gamer yourself or do you stick to the stats?

Pavol: Truth be told, I mostly stick to the stats! It is the mathematical complexity of esports that fascinates me, it’s even more interesting than derivates exchange.

SBC: What can attendees expect from your talk at Betting on Sports?

Pavol: I would like to show the process of creating live odd feeds, which starts with processing the data from the game and then continues with series of steps to the final outcome.

The attendees will have a chance to see the process explained on an intuitive model.

SBC: What else does RTSmunity have coming up?

Pavol: First of all, we will be covering new games, specifically Overwatch and Hearthstone.

We also have new project regarding risk management system to keep us busy, and market making systems, too!


You can come and listen Pavol Krasnovsky discuss live betting in esports, and meet him afterward, at Betting on Sports (September 15-16) at London’s Grange Tower Bridge.

Tickets are available now, and you can contact [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.



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