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David Clifton, Licensing Expert: Gambling advertising moves to its next chapter

Not that long ago, gambling advertising was far from the highly controversial subject it has become in more recent times. Re-reading findings from 2014 research into “public perceptions of gambling advertising in the UK”, commissioned by the Advertising Standards Authority, makes me realise just how much both public sentiment and the regulatory mood have changed since then. Six years ago, …

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A helping hand(over): BMIT Technologies virtual agent finds customer service balance

customer service

Finding the right balance between live and automated support for customer service is an ongoing debate in the iGaming industry. While the process of ‘deflecting’ (to technology) for simple case resolution is now well established, the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) brought new challenges as well as creating opportunities. For example, finding that line where the issue at hand becomes …

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Omnichannel marketing: The “twin remedy” for Italy’s advertising ban


The more that Italian sports betting and gaming operators embrace the omnichannel concept, the less they will miss traditional media advertising. That’s according to Marco Castaldo, CEO at Microgame (pictured left), who believes most of the money pre-advertising ban last summer was “spent ineffectively anyway”. We are looking ahead to next month’s SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital, where Castaldo is …

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Luke Campbell, Champion Sports: Modular thinking most play the lead role in sportsbook migrations

Copyright: pixfly / 123RF Stock Photo

At one point or another all betting operators  face critical questions on their platform structures and operational set-ups facing the daunting task of changing technology supplier. Luke Campbell, Head of Sportsbook Operations at Champion Sports, states that modular technologies are the best solution to ensure a smooth and seamless migration… ___________________ If you ask senior executives at an online gambling …

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Winning Post: Swedish regulator pushes back on ‘Storebror’ approach to deposit limits

Industry strategic consultancy Regulus Partners starts the week by analysing the regulatory landscape in Sweden, and the APPG’s open letter to the UKGC on stake and prize limits. UK: in Parliament – Come in No3; your time is up There was a whiff of singed cotton about the politics of gambling this week as the Welsh firebrand, Carolyn Harris (Lab, …

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Andrey Astapov, ETERNA LAW: Ukraine faces critical choices as gambling finish line nears

Following the formal ascension of Bill-2285D by President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine enters a critical four months to finalise its legislative gambling frameworks, as the country seeks to launch its regulated marketplace in 2021, ending a decade of gambling prohibition.  Observing on-the-ground developments, Andrey Astapov, Managing Partner of Kyiv-based law firm ETERNA LAW, writes for SBC News about the critical final …

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ESA Gaming: The ‘lightweight’ weapon in an operator’s cross-sell arsenal

ESA Gaming

Zorica Smallwood, CEO at ESA Gaming, discusses how the return of sports has offered the iGaming industry a unique opportunity to cross-sell on a vast scale, and how lightweight mobile products can make the acquisition of new customers into a more smooth and streamlined process.  The iGaming industry is increasingly facing more and more challenges in unifying its different verticals. …

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Winning Post: Third time’s the charm for England’s casinos

Industry strategic consultancy Regulus Partners starts the week by looking at the arduous efforts to reopen casinos in England and the re-regulation of Ukraine’s gambling market. UK: reopening – England’s casinos expect…. England’s casino operators will be hoping that the third time really is a charm as the Government finally confirmed that casinos (along with bowling alleys and theatres) would …

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Martin Lycka – Regulatory high temperatures cancel industry’s ‘silly season’

Facing key regulatory showdowns across the European markets of Spain, Sweden, Germany and the UK, Martin Lycka GVC Holdings Director of Regulatory Affairs tells industry leadership to buckle down for the stresses of a working summer…  _____________ COVID-19 has upended everything. Even the regulatory silly season is now at risk of being cancelled; that eagerly awaited period of slow news …

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