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KSA warns affiliates to follow KOA advertising rules 

Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) has written to ‘more than 50 affiliates’ warning them that KOA online gambling laws must be applied to their advertising activities.  

The warning follows an investigation by KSA of affiliates used by licensed KOA operators to promote their online gambling services.

The regulator notified affiliates that all campaigns targeting Dutch consumers must follow KOA regime ‘general guidelines’ on marketing standards that have been applied since 1 October.

Mirroring operator campaigns, affiliates cannot advertise any gambling offers to audiences/persons in the age range of 18-to-24.

Affiliates must further comply with KOA rules on the advertising of incentives and bonuses, including any form of loyalty programmes offered by the operator.

KOA rules state that bonus promotion should only be informative and cannot encourage a customer to ‘play-or-deposit’ with an operator.

Audiences must further be informed of the terms and conditions for activating bonuses and incentives offered.

The promotion of individual games must be accompanied by a ‘risk analysis’ – in which audiences are notified of risk level (high, mid, or low) of each game being promoted.  

KSA stated that affiliates were fully accountable for the marketing material used to promote Dutch operators. The warning concluded that under no circumstances, should an affiliate promote an unlicensed website targeting Dutch consumers.

Monitoring affiliate activities closely, KSA stated that it would take regulatory action against affiliates promoting illegal websites, which will include financial penalties. 

KSA outlined that size of fines would be in-line with those imposed on illegal operators.

“Affiliate websites can make an important contribution to better advertising compliance by gambling companies,” KSA concluded.  

“This is why the KSA calls in these websites to account for their social responsibility. Consumers can be protected even better in this way.

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