Jesper Søgaard: Mindway AI underpins Better Collective’s sustainable future

Better Collective has reaffirmed its commitment to developing Mindway AI as the technology to deliver the group’s sustainable objectives in a new era for igaming and sports betting media.

Operating as global gaming’s biggest media publisher, Better Collective underlined the importance of building up its safer gambling and risk detection capabilities – as confirmed in its 2020 ‘Better for Bettors’ sustainability report.

During 2019, Better Collective became the first industry publisher to invest in sustainable software development, venture funding safer gambling technology studio Mindway AI.

Since then, Better Collective has doubled down on its venture investment by becoming the majority shareholder of Mindway AI.

“Just after the close of 2020, we deepened the collaboration around responsible gambling by significantly increasing our investment in Mindway AI, an organisation specialising in innovative and advanced software solutions for the identification of at-risk gambling and problem gambling behaviour,” said Better Collective Co-founder & CEO Jesper Søgaard in his statement to company investors. 

The deepened investment has seen Mindway AI transition from an ‘academic-based start-up’ to deploying its AI detection portfolio of GameScanner, Gamalyze, and GameChanger.

Mindway’s AI-technologies are focused on empowering the operators to exert greater control and safety over their igaming environments, with early customers including Entain Plc, Flutter Entertainment and Holland Casino. 

Søgaard added: “We are very proud that we have played a role in bringing Mindway AI’s software solutions from academic research into commercial products that are now being sold to operators around the world.”

In turn, Better Collective stated that Mindway will benefit from helping its media assets grow within the new sustainability and safer gambling objectives of industry partners operating within multiple jurisdictions.

In addition, Better Collective is looking into ways to utilise Mindway AI’s technologies and products within the Better Collective Group and expects to roll out initiatives in 2021.

Søgaard concluded: “We see Mindway AI’s technologies and software solutions as best-in-class, and foresee the business will play an increasingly important role in the iGaming ecosystem, as responsible gambling continues to be at the very top of the industry agenda and in society as a whole.”

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