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World’s first permanent esports venue launches in Las Vegas

Copyright: gongzstudio / 123RF Stock Photo

The Esports Arena, the world’s first permanent esports venue, has been launched in Las Vegas. The 2787 sqm multilevel arena will open on The Strip, at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, and gives local and international visitors access to over 100 gaming stations housing PCs and consoles. The arena’s website reads: “The 30,000-square-foot, multilevel arena is designed to host every form of competitive …

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Saving Las Vegas: Can esports be the hero casinos need?

As casinos look to counteract an aging demographic of customers and players, one industry many operators are looking to is esports. This is understandable given the typical demographic of esports fans, which in particular titles’ scenes at least, is notably older than many outsiders would (and regularly do) presume. They aren’t all kids. A recent story on Fox Business opened …

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