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AgiproNews Italian View: Salvini betrayal serves up another guessing game

Another year, another Italian political crisis, as Matteo ‘il Capitano’ Salvini (Deputy PM) chooses to abandon the Lega-5Star coalition ship, leaving Italy on course to an unknown destination. At the time of writing, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has declared his resignation, choosing to avoid a certain vote of no confidence served by Salvini and the far-right populist Lega party. …

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Betting on the subcontinent: Will India legalise gambling?

Earlier this month, the Law Commission of India published a 145-page report that recommended the licensing and regulating of gambling in the vast South Asian nation, as a way of curbing the rise of online betting activity. We caught up with two of the sports betting world’s most respected legal figures, Giulio Coraggio and Vincenzo Giuffre of DLA Piper, to find …

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AgiproNews Italian View – Coalition warned on the dangers of implementing ‘Luigi’s Blanket’

The stark reality of governance by a populist Lega and Five Star coalition is dawning on all Italian industry stakeholders as a draft law circulates of a ‘total ban on betting advertising’. This week the Italian Cabinet will review the draft mandate personally penned by Five Star leader and Italian Deputy PM Luigi Di Maio. Di Maio and Lega leadership …

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