Pentasia emphasises developing ‘learning environments’ as new industry workforce dynamic

Leading global gambling recruitment and executive search firm Pentasia has published its ‘#Ambitions2018 – Survey’, detailing insights and analysis on the industry’s diverse workforce.

Pentasia informs that 850 industry tech-focused professionals participated in the 2018 survey, aiming to provide sector stakeholders with data/insights on employee motivations and career planning.

Competing in a global marketplace for talent, the survey details that the industry’s workforce is primarily motivated by learning new skills (68%), with employees ‘actively ‘seeking exposure to the biggest tech trends’.

Establishing career goals and motivations, Pentasia details independent employees that are engaged in learning ‘hard tech skills’ in cloud computing, new programming languages and statistical analysis, alongside leadership skills to stay ahead of the curve.

The survey places a high emphasis on workplace environments, where employees (44%) will leave companies if they are don’t feel challenged or cannot envision any clear career progression.

Pentasia details that for 2018 average job satisfaction stands at 3.5 out of 5, with industry developers and designers happiest amongst the workforce. By contrast, industry marketers recorded the lowest job satisfaction, citing “low promotional prospects and a lack of investment in training”.

With regards to talent development, industry employees place a high-value on supportive leadership that encourages workplace teaching and learning. Pentasia’s survey points to four key strategic areas valued by employees:

  • Development of leadership & management skills critical for junior and mid-level professionals
  • Building ‘Team Spirit’ at work, which delivers ‘positive reinforcements’
  • Pursuing projects that employees feel make a positive contribution
  • Engaging with new tools and software which improve employee skills and capacities.

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