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New Mississippi bill aims to maintain state’s betting ban

Legislators in Mississippi have introduced a bill that would keep sports betting illegal in the state – even if the ongoing US Supreme Court case legalised it nationwide.

Entitled House Bill 1113 (HB 1113), the new piece of legislation was put forward by Republican Roun McNeal and Democrat Nick Bain, and calls for all sports betting activities – with the exception of daily fantasy sports (DFS) – to remain illegal in Mississippi regardless of the decision at the Supreme Court.

HB 1113 seeks to change the existing law with the following amendment: “No wagering shall be allowed on the outcome of any athletic event, nor any matter to be determined during an athletic event, nor on the outcome of any event, which does not take place on the premises.

This standpoint contrasts that expressed by representatives from a number of other states, who are openly in favour of the legalisation of sports betting and the potential tax revenues that it could bring in.

Another new bill – HB 1154 – was also introduced, and is aimed at studying the tax rates of sports betting.

Sponsored by Republican Beckie Currie, the legislation details the creation of a study committee that will assess the best taxation policies in relation to casino sports betting.

The committee is obliged to report its findings and make recommendations to the House Committee on Gaming and the Senate Committee on Finance before the beginning of the Legislative Regular Session in 2019.

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