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Dutch authority prepares for online gaming licensing ‘Big Bang’

The Netherlands Gaming Authority has outlined a ‘Big Bang’, where operators who provide documentation in a timely manner will be granted a Dutch online gaming licence simultaneously.

Speaking at this year’s Gaming in Holland Conference (13-14 June), CEO Marja Appelman shared the Dutch regulator’s aims, while outlining some of the licensing requirements and procedures for the Remote Gaming Bill, expected to be passed in parliament next year.

Appelman also affirmed the regulator’s aim to implement a strict process in its role as a “gatekeeper”, with requirements which reflect the core values of the Netherlands Gaming Authority, but expressed its intention to issue simultaneous licences to “all those parties who are able to speedily produce all the necessary documents – the so-called Big Bang.”

Although she was unable to disclose detailed information, for fear of interfering on the senate’s decision over the bill, she did explain the focus of the licensing requirements on three points.

Addressing the industry, Appelman said: “We share the same aim to make it possible for consumers in the Netherlands to gamble safely in a fair and attractive gambling market. One could say that we are on a journey together.

“First, we need to know who is the applicant for an online gaming licence. This comprises a check on elements from the secondary legislation, especially with regard to the identity of the applicant, the transparency of the organisation and the trustworthiness on different organisational levels, up to policy makers and the ultimate beneficial owner. We also need to know the competence of the board and the staff, and the financial stability of the applicant.

“Second, we need to know the business context of the applicant. This comprises a check with regard to the policies and the procedures of the applicant on several subjects, such as the prevention of gambling addiction, marketing and advertising, the identification and verification of participants, and outsourcing.

“Third, we need to be assured that we can safely and effectively communicate with you, digitally. In this regard, we will especially look at your ability to fulfill the obligations regarding the data safe and on the exclusion system.”

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