Swiss CDCM backs implementation of igaming frameworks

swisspngThe Swiss Conference of the Cantonal Directors (CDCM), the governmental body in charge of the nation’s gambling and lottery frameworks, has announced its support for the regulation of its igaming industry.

May 2014 saw the Swiss Government publish its initial Federal report on the implementation of igaming legislations and regulations, the report was further supported by an outline of a technical and operational framework for igaming operators.

The CDCM outlined that only operators with Swiss based retail enterprises, would be allowed to apply for licenses, thus blocking some international operators from applying

The CDCM said: “We support the idea of extending the current licence. The online environment is not a new market: it is only a new medium to distribute the offer already available, it addresses the same clients and it meets the same needs of the traditional games.The arrival of new operators specialised in the online sector would lead to a competition that would be problematic from a political, social and possibly even economic point of view.

“We believe that those who hold a licence to offer brick-and-mortar casino games should not be ‘punished’ for the fact that they have respected the rules that currently forbid them to run operations online.”