GAMSTOP nets ‘best outcomes’ in independent evaluation of self-exclusion 

GAMSTOP, UK gambling’s self-exclusion scheme, has cited that eight out of 10 players (82%) have stopped or reduced their gambling habits since registering with its services.

The headline figure was communicated to GAMSTOP following an independent evaluation of player self-exclusion outcomes undertaken by research agency Sonnet.  

Based on the survey feedback of more than 3,300 users of GAMSTOP, 84% of participants stated that they felt safer from gambling-related harms and were in control of their gambling habits.

Further positives saw 80% of participants report that GAMSTOP had ‘delivered on their intended outcomes’ – whether it be to stop completely, take a break or to reduce their gambling expenditure.

Financial losses were cited as the most important trigger for registering with GAMSTOP, for which the exclusion service detailed positive outcomes with regards to improving personal/household finances (77%) and a reduction in participants anxiety or stress (72%).

More than 200,000 consumers have registered with GAMSTOP since the scheme’s inception in 2018. The report found that GAMSTOP had reached a broad cross-section of the population across all demographic groups.

Supporting the development of GAMSTOP, the evaluation recommended a number of improvements to self-exclusion including longer exclusion periods, improving referrals to support specialists and improving GAMSTOP ability to be engaged by family and loved ones.

Key insights saw women aged over 44 identified as an important demographic, making up 53% of all women surveyed – as GAMSTOP has been recommended to reach out to older age target groups.

The report recommended that GAMSTOP broaden its marketing strategy to make its self-exclusion scheme more visible for all UK communities and to undertake specific initiatives aimed at people with below national average income.

Fiona Palmer, Chief Executive of GAMSTOP, said: “We are grateful to Sonnet for carrying out this very detailed evaluation of the service and are studying their recommendations carefully. We are delighted to know that vulnerable consumers who have registered with GAMSTOP have found it has helped them control their gambling and made a positive impact on their lives. 

“The insights in this report are extremely helpful and we welcome the opportunity to look at all suggestions for further improvements to the service, including extending the length of the maximum exclusion period to give them peace of mind that they will benefit from the long-term protection that GAMSTOP provides.”

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