#boscon2017: Additional data will lead to innovative player bets ahead of the World Cup

Group director of E-Commerce at Romanian bookmaker Superbet, Jamie Hart identified how he believes bookmakers will innovate ahead of next Summer’s World Cup.

As part of a panel at Betting on Sports 2017, Hart discussed how the World Cup can help provide bookmakers with the perfect opportunity to engage with a wider audience.

Hart said: “Everyone uses the world cup as a deadline, things have been developed over the past two years with the World Cup in mind. I think you’ll see a lot of work over the coming year on two different things, I think you’ll see product releases, especially when it comes to player betting.

“So it’s not just players scoring, because at the end of the day everybody loves  Ronaldo and Messi, but when you’re wanting to bet  on other players who don’t score every week, players like Xavi, they’re just as interesting to people, but there is nothing to bet on, he’s knocking out 110 passes per game but because the data previously wasn’t there, it wasn’t trackable, I think we will see a lot of that launched into the wider market.”

Hart added that he believes ‘the use of social media will also grow as a tool to get your message out.’ Citing the fact that it’s far more advanced now than it was four years ago, as the reason we can expect to see a lot of innovation around it.

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