SBC News George Shamugia, Singular: Leveraging global trends with an omnichannel approach

George Shamugia, Singular: Leveraging global trends with an omnichannel approach

SBC News George Shamugia, Singular: Leveraging global trends with an omnichannel approach
George Shamugia, Singular CEO

As the use of online sports betting continues to grow, many within the industry have shifted their focus towards delivering a more digital product. However, Singular explained that the retail sector still plays a crucial role in reaching new audiences. 

Singular’s CEO George Shamugia explained to SBC that it is through ‘leveraging global trends’ and the establishment of a dedicated development team for the retail platform that has allowed Singular to empower client growth. 

SBC: Player demand has arguably shifted towards a more digital product in recent years, has the online platform become a priority? Or are you still similarly focused on the retail sector?

George Shamugia: At Singular, we always tend to leverage global trends. Taking into consideration the huge surge of digital in iGaming, particularly sports betting, the mobile-first approach has become a priority. However, Singular is committed to empowering clients’ growth through online and offline convergence of players. For that reason, Singular has a dedicated development team for the Retail Platform. 

We have solid experience from the African market where retail is still dominant despite the high penetration of internet and mobile usage. This has empowered our team to build a solution that can overcome a number of market limitations from low powered devices to high-latency internet, a solution “battle-tested” for high scalability under any circumstances. 

There is definitely still room for innovation, especially within the newly legalized U.S. market where the retail solution (especially betting kiosks) is still dominant and even plays a crucial role. 

SBC: In our interview with Darko Gacov in September, he hinted that Singular had set its eyes on expanding into the US later this year. Can you give us a sneak peek as to what Singular’s plans are for the newly regulated market?

GS: The U.S. market is definitely a major focus for us. We are already discussing potential collaboration with several leading operators from the region. By the end of the year, we expect to announce the details about a newly signed partnership. Nevertheless, entering the U.S market is a huge opportunity, but also a challenge due to the market’s unique characteristics in terms of players’ expectations. 

Thanks to the flexibility of our solutions we can give operators the freedom to create a brand that addresses the local demands. This, combined with the high-tech stack and innovative mindset is our key differentiator. We are not planning to adapt the existing solution to the U.S market but develop a tailor-made platform that will give us an edge over the competition. 

SBC: Innovation has been a massive focus for Singular, can you give us a key example of how innovation has helped you keep pace with the most powerful and feature-rich platforms on the market?

GS: The strong foundation of our solutions lies in technology. By using cutting-edge tech stack our clients can deliver a player-experience-driven offering and continuously improve it based on big data insights. But, innovation by itself is not enough. The innovative effort must be focused in the right direction. The game-changer for us is our dedication to empowering our clients’ growth. We listen to players changing demands and markets’ different requirements. 

Most importantly, we address our clients’ unique business needs in a bespoke fashion. Building a platform rich with innovative features is one part of the story. The secret is in its modular architecture which delivers the fastest time to market and allows operators to mix and match the modules that best fit their business.

The company slogan “Be Outstanding” stands not only for the outstanding quality of our solutions but also the chance that we give to our clients to be outstanding in their respective markets. The flexibility also enables us to cover a vast number of regulated markets easily complying with different jurisdiction requirements.

SBC. Can you tell SBC readers what you will be showcasing at this year’s SiGMA?

GS: After 3 years we are back to the exhibition scene within the iGaming industry. This makes SIGMA a particularly important milestone for us. The biggest news that has been already announced is the launch of the 4th generation of our Sports Betting Platform. But, what is even more exciting is that we are finalizing the on-boarding of a new client on the new Sports Betting Platform which we will announce soon. 

The new Sports Betting Platform will take the user experience to the next level. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies the platform automatically adapts to each player’s needs and gives them personalized game experience, based on their activities and interaction patterns with the platform. With the in-play approach, our Sports Betting Platform offers every player a personalized journey with target promotions and bonus campaigns based on their gaming behaviour.

But, SIGMA will also highlight the products’ rebranding that we have been working on for the past year. We have given a new look and feel of our products with new visuals which will be presented at the event. The name of the company and logo stays the same, but for the first time, we will be telling the story behind our company slogan – BE OUTSTANDING. 

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