Why CGP is positive about 2021

‘The beginning of a bright future’: Why Campeón Gaming Partners is positive about 2021

As this year draws to a close, much to the relief of many, Giannis Katsavrias – Affiliate Manager at Campeón Gaming Partners (CGP) – reflects on how 2020 marked a turning point for CGP as he explains why the future looks bright as we enter 2021.

2020 has been a difficult and bizarre year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Lockdowns and financial fears could be the turning point for igaming. Here at CGP, we like to see the glass half-full and we believe that this unprecedented time can be the beginning of a bright future.  Many people found consolation in online casinos so far and we are already shaping our strategy for 2021.

To begin with, we are focusing more on mobile gaming. A staggering four billion people are using mobile phones. The vast expansion of internet connectivity has accompanied this growth. Mobile phones are replacing computers for most personal tasks, including entertainment.  Phones have become more powerful and smarter, resulting in even more user- friendly play from a mobile device. 

While many people still opt for the desktop view, more and more users are turning to their smartphones which always remain within reach. Moreover, the broad usage of 5G networks all over the world will give us the opportunity to provide the players a whole new level of gaming experience.

Another rapid-growing market we always keep an eye on is esports betting. Esports is the fastest-growing subset in sports betting and have already seen a large expansion the last few years. The astounding payouts have attracted many to the world of esports and the global fanbase is only predicted to grow faster in the coming years. 

With the winner’s rewards growing and greater technological improvements being made within different games, we can only expect that esports will thrive even more in 2021 and that it’s why our interest is big there.

Furthermore, there has been much noise about cryptocurrency use in gambling markets. The fact is that cryptos offer advantages that online casinos can’t ignore. They offer lower transaction costs than conventional banking transactions. This translates to better margins for online casinos, and better odds for our customers. 

Virtual currencies are highly tipped to replace cash deposits and withdrawals in the industry, largely because of how they are getting accepted in the mainstream world. That is why here at CGP, we are already using cryptocurrencies in many aspects of our transactions.

And not just cryptocurrencies, the list could also include Blockchain-based games. We believe that this could be the year that casinos give bonuses to those who use crypto payments on their blockchain platforms. If this really happens, it will be interesting to see how the casino sites harness the technology, given its massive successes in other industries.

As people are realising that users often prefer this method to traditional payment options, transfers within casinos that are using crypto are expected to rise in 2021 and beyond with more online casinos offering them. Cryptocurrency exchanges could quite possibly become the new norm much sooner than we think.

Moreover, we are constantly checking ways to improve our bonuses and limited-time offers. We are also checking new ways, like bonuses could also be offered in virtual currencies, something that will lead in more generous welcome bonuses, similar to first deposit bonuses and free spins offers..

Augmented and virtual reality is slowly making its way into the gambling world and 2021 might finally be the year it gains full acceptance.  We are checking some developments in order to adopt AI, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things to enhance customer satisfaction, finally.

Last but not least, our workforce is our most precious asset. 

Throughout 2020, CGP has tried to safeguard all employees by providing home-working opportunities with flexible working hours, and ensuring that home-office spaces were set up with all necessary equipment and software. New laptops were provided and extra screens to make working from home as comfortable as it could be. To emphasise this level of job security, the first wave of the virus from March through to July was the highest hiring period at CGP. 

During the last six months, staff numbers have almost doubled. Interviews have been held online, while onboarding and training has been carried out via various software tools that facilitate home-working. And this is how we want to continue in 2021. 

Within the ever-changing climate of the 21st century, each year brings new opportunities for things to be done better and faster while eliciting the most friendly and fun experience for the end-users. 

This is even more true in the world of gaming and online casinos which have seen a dramatic increase in traffic, especially in 2020. One thing is for certain: the market is growing and here at CGP, we are responding.

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