WTC: Gibraltar success stories and “future-proof” business

In the second of a two-part series, World Trade Center Gibraltar Senior Advisor Brian Stevendale highlights two of the biggest success stories for business in Gibraltar, before two WTC inhabitants share details of its fun and COVID safe environment.

Office space success stories

Lottoland is the obvious Gibraltarian gaming success story. It started off with 15m2 of Gibraltarian office space in 2013, with no more than seven employees, and only three years later it was boasting €300M in yearly sales.

In 2019, Lottoland was placed at number 304 in the Financial Times FT1000 report on the fastest-growing companies in Europe. Lottoland has its offices in one of our other prestigious office buildings, located in the centre of Ocean Village and overlooking the marina, but still only minutes from World Trade Center Gibraltar. 

Another WTC tenant completely took over one of the World Trade Center floors and personalised it to suit their branding. When the lift door opens, it feels like you’re entering an entirely different building.

Future-proof and COVID-19 safety

The World Trade Center Association’s purpose has always been to facilitate international trade. In that respect, anyone donning the World Trade Center name must take all the necessary measures to ensure trade continues into the future.


That’s why I’ve always considered the World Trade Centers Association as “future-proof”. No matter what the world throws at it, the purpose must continue: to promote and facilitate international trade. 

The latest challenge was, of course, COVID-19, and ensuring that our office buildings in Ocean Village and World Trade Center meet all the requirements to guarantee that the working environment is as safe as possible for employees. 

To that end, we implemented all the required government guidelines such as hand-sanitising stations and demarcations on the floor to ensure social distancing remains in place. Temperature-scanning cameras have also been placed in the lobby of both World Trade Center and Leisure Island Business Centre buildings as part of the improved health and safety measures.

Our partners working there do not need to worry about these things, because we take care of them, and will continue to take care of any future eventualities should they arise. The World Trade Center in Gibraltar also offers a 24-hour reception and service.

Family-friendly environment

“There are some days I will finish work in the evening to meet my children who have just finished kayaking right next door to the World Trade Center,” said Pragmatic Play CEO Julian Jarvis, whose igaming company is based in the building.

“For me, Gibraltar is a bit like a ‘campus’ from a work and family-life perspective. Many of the people you need to deal with are a short distance away, and there is a social cohesion that makes doing business here efficient and fun. Walking to work or school for the children and being home in a few minutes at the end of the day is a real benefit over most jurisdictions.

“Then for your leisure time, there are lots of options — both in Gibraltar itself and across the border where Andalucia is an amazing weekend playground.”

In fact, Jarvis was so enamoured by the environment that he even co-founded a school.

“My wife and I quickly decided that Gibraltar was a fantastic place to live, work from and bring up our children,” he explained. “Aside from work and home commitments, one project we have invested a lot of time and energy into over the last several years is in establishing a new independent secondary school — Prior Park Gibraltar.

“Together with friends and colleagues, we raised funds, found a UK school operator to partner with — who already had a strong connection to Gibraltar and the right ethos and commitment we were looking for — and we established a great new school that opened in 2016. It has been a huge success and a fantastic addition to the overall offering in Gibraltar for many families living here or considering moving to Gibraltar.”

Meanwhile, Monika Thys – Practice Development Manager at law firm Ince Gibraltar – also commented on the social cohesion, making mention of how Gibraltar is an area of calm community compared to the rest of the world, with people of multiple ethnicities, creeds and backgrounds associating together peacefully. 

“People tend to be there for each other,” she said. “And there is less bureaucracy. People are transparent and open here.”

A post-Brexit world

Gibraltarians are optimistic about a post-Brexit world. Gibraltar has always had robust relations with Spain and with Europe and will continue to do so.

At a recent meeting with the Gibraltarian Minister, locals were told that “Gibraltar is well-prepared to face Brexit in all senses”.

Gibraltar has a massive Spanish workforce coming across the border every day and there is little doubt that this travel will remain simple and efficient, as it benefits both countries.

To read the first part on why you should move your gaming business to Gibraltar, click HERE.

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