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Twelve40’s Andy Jarrett – Enhancing white label lottery solutions

White label lottery providers Twelve40 have already seen two key expansions to their platform in 2018, as well as having a keen and active interest in new markets, and Africa in particular.

The firm, who also produce instant win titles to complement their lottery offering, have recently announced a duo of new deals to integrate virtuals, via VSoftCo, and sports betting games, through Spiffx, into their platform.

The firm’s CEO Andy Jarrett has been speaking to SBC News, addressing the importance of white label solutions for operators, in light of many jurisdictions now becoming regulated: “Simply put, a white label platform is a cost-effective way of entering the lottery market with a solution tailored to the needs of the target market.

“Capable of handling everything on the technological side of the business, an efficiently-delivered white-label lottery platform provides local operators with the freedom they need [to] focus on their brand and market positioning in a newly-regulated jurisdiction.

“Additionally, white label platforms can take care of all aspects when it comes to regulation and payments provision, further alleviating costly and time-consuming burdens from an operator’s shoulders.

“We are witnessing promising signs of regulation taking hold in emerging regions such as Latin America and Africa, and white label platforms can hold the key to providing operators with all the technical and regulatory tools they need to compete.”

Regarding new markets, Twelve40 has a significant and active interest in Africa, where it powers the nation’s largest lotto jackpot through AfroMillionsLotto.

With the continent very much a hot topic, and displaying a huge possibility for growth, Jarrett went on to discuss how important Twelve40’s presence is and how it plans to capitalise on its enormous possibilities: “We are consistently in the process of assessing opportunities to become involved in new markets across the globe, and we were delighted to sign with Ofertas365 to provide the continent’s largest ever jackpot.

“The flexibility and speed to market that our platform provides our partners with were the key factors in securing such an important agreement, and this is core to what we offer our partners across the globe. We are delighted to be growing our commercial footprint across Africa, and this is where a platform approach stands out.  

“Emerging markets have their own unique cultures and demands, which bring their own intricacies, and this must be reflected by operators in order to engage players.  

“Many of these aspects are subtle, but they can prove fundamental to the way a site operates. Indeed, trust is a significant factor and there are several ways to build that across individual markets.”  

Jarrett added: “The obvious example of differentiation in Africa is payments. Kenya, for example, is synonymous with M-Pesa, but across the continent there are a multitude of payment options that you will not see elsewhere.  

“As a platform provider we have worked with a number of operators across the region, and have harnessed this experience in becoming highly attuned to region’s varied requirements. Put simply, we set ourselves apart by delivering understanding alongside unparalleled speed to market.”

Operating in such a saturated environment, Jarrett went on to discuss how you ensure a sector remains modernised and appealing, as well what techniques can be employed in order to further drive player engagement: “There are a number of factors at play when it comes to driving long-term player engagement in the lottery sector.

“It is worth remembering that no two jurisdictions are the same when it comes to the experiences that their players are looking for, and in that sense it is important to be in constant dialogue with operators in order to ensure that fluctuating customer preferences are being met in the most efficient manner possible.

“In emerging markets there are cultural norms that must be taken into account, developing middle classes driving the adoption of certain aspects such as smart phones, which of course widens the potential for content, but there are still technical constraints to be mindful of.  

“These factors combine to create a road map for entertainment delivery. Content needs to be engaging, responsive and delivered within the constraints of the operating environment.”

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