ICE Sports Betting Tours hot for eSports

esports22eSports is the hot topic that the betting industry is keen to know more about at ICE 2016. According to a survey of people registering for the Official ICE Sports Betting Tours, eSports is the number one area of interest this year, with over half of the attendees expressing an interest in finding out more about this burgeoning sector.

SBC is leading the two Official Sports Betting Tours at ICE Totally Gaming next week, which start at 11am on Tuesday 2 February and Wednesday 3 February from the SBC Stand SD2-C/D. The tours are free and anyone interested in joining up with them can sign up here.

Managing Director Andrew McCarron commented: “It’s very interesting to see all the clamour to find out more about eSports from the gambling sector this year, when it wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow 12 months ago. Some suppliers have stolen a march in the provision of services for betting on eSports, but we are at such an early and delicate stage of the eSports evolution it is hard to say with any confidence whether betting’s involvement will be niche or a whole sector in itself.

“With 2016 looking set to be the year it aims to go mainstream with the likes of Activision, Turner Broadcasting and ESPN giving it extensive attention it’s certainly a market worth some investigation.”

eSports is also a key topic for debate at the Betmarkets conference which is being held on the second day of ICE. Anyone wanting to purchase a ticket for the conference can get a 10% discount by entering SBCBETMARKETS when booking a ticket.



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