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Swedish Gambling Minister endorses customer data-sharing proposal for operators

Finansdepartementet – the Swedish Ministry of Finance – has issued a radical proposal to allow licensed operators to share individual player data in a bid to ‘counter gambling abuse’.

The Riksdag has been informed of a memorandum, in which customer data-sharing measures are endorsed by Niklas Wykman, Minister of Financial Markets who is tasked with overseeing Swedish gambling reforms.   

The proposal outlines that personal data from player profiles and gaming behaviour should be used to supplement gaming firms’ right to process such personal data to counter signs of problem gambling. 

If accepted, the changes to Swedish gaming law will come into effect in 2024, and would also allow licence holders to review and analyse self-reported information on player health and finances.

“Through the proposal, we can ensure strong consumer protection in the gambling market and better help those who need to get out of gambling addiction,” Wykman commented.

“The proposal has been developed after a follow-up by the State Treasury, where they point out that gambling companies must have good knowledge of their customers in order to be able to counteract problem gambling.”

Wykman underlined that data-sharing should be considered as a critical reform to help licensed operators fulfil their duties observing Sweden’s Gambling Act.  

Central to this, the Minister added, is companies’ ability to monitor players’ gambling behaviour, finances and health through data collection.

In November , the Riksdag reviewed and approved the ‘enhanced gambling reforms’ put to vote by Kulturutskottets, Sweden’s Cultural Committee.

This saw some key updates to Sweden’s existing gambling regulatory framework under a 2018 Act, including adding a new licence category for B2B suppliers. 

Further reforms will see Gambling inspectorate Spelinspektionen strengthen its supervisory remit, granted direct actions to “shut out the black market”.

Operators are now also required to observe moderation when promoting certain games, as well as warning players of the risks associated with specific products and services.

Gambling reform has been a long-term objective of successive Swedish governments, with Wykman appointed to oversee regulatory changes in October following the last election.

The ruling coalition of the Moderate, Swedish Democrats (SD), Liberal, and Christian Democrats (CD) parties outlined a range of changes to the country’s gambling regulation and licensing requirements after winning October’s public vote.

Achieving political success across its objectives on betting and gaming the Moderate Party – whose leader Ulf Kristersson serves as Prime Minister – has also secured its goal of restructuring Svenska Spel, with Spelinspektionen, the Swedish Gambling Authority, confirming the ongoing process last month.

Finansdepartementet memorandum underlined that its data sharing reforms have been “proposed to enter into force on 1 January 2024”. Data sharing proposals will likely require the oversight and evaluation of Sweden’s Minister of  Justice, healthcare department and consumer rights agencies.

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