KSA reveals agencies to manage Dutch problem gambling care duties

Dutch gambling regulatory body Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) has appointed the three bodies which will operate its gambling harm prevention and addiction support services across the Netherlands under the mandate of the ‘Remote Gambling Act’ (KOA Act). 

With the KOA Act set to launch its licensing window on 1 April, KSA reveals its partner organisations responsible for operating gambling treatment support services focusing on national prevention, addiction treatment and harm research.

Dutch gambling’s new prevention and harm support network will be financed by the KSA’s newly launched ‘Addiction Prevention Fund’ (VPF).

VPF duties will be imposed on licensed online gambling operators to help KSA achieve its three objectives of providing anonymous treatment, improving research of gambling addiction and establishing a centralised ‘National Counter’ for all problem gamblers and families to register and seek advice.

KSA confirms that Amsterdam mental health support specialist, Human Assistance Network for Daily Support’ (HANDS) has won its contract to launch and operate Dutch gambling’s National Counter.

HANDS is currently setting up the national prevention counter that will be operational from 1 October 2021 coinciding with the regulated market launch of the KOA regime.

Meanwhile, problem gambling support and addiction care duties will be handled by Zorginstituut – the Netherlands National Health Care Institute – which will unveil a new national treatment scheme for gambling addiction treatment.  

Supporting HANDS and Zorginstituut, KSA has awarded its prevention research contract to ZonMW – a government-approved health and welfare agency that provides independent research and analysis to improve public-funded support networks.    

Following its launch, the VPF network will be reviewed by KSA in collaboration with Dutch Public health agencies reporting to the Ministries of Justice as the lead government department overseeing Dutch gambling standards and duties.

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