Netherlands Remote Gambling Act submitted for EC review

Progressing on its regulated market schedule, the Dutch government has forwarded its Remote Gambling Act for review by the European Commission. 

Despite covid interruptions, the Dutch government maintains that it will launch its new regulated gambling marketplace on 1 July 2021.

Prior to market launch, Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) will open its first licensing window on 1 January 2021, evaluating incumbents seeking to join the market.

This week, the KSA published it’s Market Vision’ document, outlining core requirements for new online gambling licensees and how it seeks to monitor operator practices and player interactions. 

The Remote Gambling Act was officially approved in February 2019, however the mandate has been significantly revised since its adoption by the Dutch Upper House.

The Act that has been forwarded to the EC for review, contains the latest amendments drafted by Netherlands Legal Protection Minister Sander Dekker, related to competition rules, use of historical databases, executive responsibilities and further technical specifications and requirements.

During final review proceedings, the KSA and Dekker have underlined that Gambling Act amendments will place the highest scrutiny on operator behaviour with regards to safer gambling duties, customer care and executive responsibilities operating a licensed company. 

Safer gambling initiatives will see the KSA audit all licensed operators with regards to their customer care duties, including a review of player databases, monitoring of player behaviours and customer interactions.

A key regulatory requirement, the EC will launch a stakeholder consultation on the Dutch government’s legislation, seeking input as to whether the Remote Gambling Act contravenes European Union competition rules and business practices.  

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