FanDuel adds late swap feature

Following its UK launch last month, fantasy sports operator FanDuel has introduced a late swap feature to its one-day fantasy football contests.

Karol Corcoran, FanDuel
Karol Corcoran, FanDuel

This gives players the opportunity to make last minute edits to their fantasy teams.

FanDuel’s late swap feature is live for this weekend’s Premier League matches and will apply to all of its one-day and weekend contests that cover matches with varying kick-off times.

The new feature enables players to make changes to their fantasy football team lineup after the first matches have kicked off, provided any edits relate to fantasy players whose real time matches have not yet begun.

Karol Corcoran, Director of International Marketing at FanDuel, said: “The late swap feature is one that we were always planning to add to our contests, having listened to our users we realised that this was a high priority to them. When managers announce their lineups shortly before match starts, users can now swap out players in favour of others who are named in clubs’ starting 11, optimising their fantasy team’s opportunity to perform well and rack up points.

“We’re delighted with the feedback we’ve received so far from users and as we move further into our first season, we expect to add other extras that will enhance users’ enjoyment of our fantasy contests and watching football.”

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