EGBA 'confident of thorough investigation’ into legacy Dutch lottery licences

EGBA backs EU Parliament endorsement of new e-ID law 

The decision of the EU Parliament to approve the new European Digital Identity has been welcomed by the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA). 

According to the gambling industry trade group, the regulation’s endorsement at the highest level of EU politics “marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a more secure and inclusive digital environment for all citizens” across the Union. 

The regulation, which was backed on 29 February, will eliminate previous security and privacy concerns raised by the public around using third-party providers for identification by allowing individual consumers and businesses to identify themselves using the e-ID. 

It is expected that the new digital identity iteration will positively impact a number of industries, including gambling, by reducing costs and administration fees for the use of commercial databases – that is if the streamlined approach proves successful, as it is completely voluntary for individuals and businesses. 

“EGBA has been a supporter of the e-ID since it was proposed by the European Commission in 2021, recognising its potential to revolutionise the way online services are accessed and utilised in the EU,” the trade body stated.  

“Since the proposal, EGBA has been encouraging the EU institutions to ensure that businesses, including gambling operators, can access and use the e-ID and benefit from its use. 

“For the online gambling sector, the e-ID holds particular significance, as it provides players with an easy, secure, trustworthy, and singular option to confirm their identity in the EU.”

Maarten Haijer, Secretary General of EGBA, added: “We welcome the European Parliament’s approval of a unified digital identity framework and are confident that the use of the new e-ID in our sector will lead to a more seamless and trustworthy online experience for players and help to reduce costs and administration for gambling operators. 

“This innovative tool represents an important step towards building a more secure and user-friendly digital ecosystem, aligning with EGBA’s core objectives of promoting integrity, transparency, and a safe, consumer-centric playing environment.”

For it to be officially adopted, the e-ID law now only has to pass the vote in the EU Council of Ministers, which is planned to take place  before the summer.

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