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Back to our roots: Why sport is at the core of the Enetpulse identity

With a completely updated visual and voice identity, Enetpulse is aiming to bring even more excitement back into the sports data solutions they provide to the worldwide market. But what does this new sports vibe actually show? Well, it’s an acknowledgement of what the core of sports data is, according to Enetpulse.  In a conversation with SBC News, Simon Skarsholm …

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INTERPOL & IOC strengthen cooperative networks against sports corruption

International police cooperation agency, INTERPOL has extended its joint-capacity arrangement with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) expanding its provisions to protect sports integrity. INTERPOL and IOC renew their cooperation partnership until 2021, with both parties focusing on building training programs which will enhance sports stakeholders’ capacity to recognise corruption and facilitate effective investigations into ‘competition manipulation’. ‘As part of the first …

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