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The lost art of odds compilation: implications for serious punters

In part two of his article on pricing in the betting industry, Jeevan Jeyaratnam of Super Soccer GPS highlights some of the mistakes that occur because of the way trading rooms work these days, and the implications for the customer. Confidence in some large scale price providers is low, and rightly so judging by a couple of ‘early shows’ we’ve witnessed this …

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The lost art of odds compilation: Over-reliance on Asian Handicap lines

Pricing feeds have become de rigueur in an industry beset by increasing costs, but are they the best way forward for established sportsbooks desperate to retain market share? In a two part article, Jeevan Jeyaratnam of Super Soccer GPS takes a look at how the market has developed. In recent years the growth of online wagering and the, ever-extending, choice of whom to bet …

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Sports Betting Academy hopes to bring back odds-compiling expertise

Clarion Gaming has extended its Academy initiatives into sports betting, with industry stalwart Jonathan Smith taking on the role of teacher. The world of the trading team has experienced huge upheaval since the new millennium. The introduction of Betfair and a successful exchange mechanism that allowed customers to set their own prices shifted the balance of power away from traders …

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