Indian Ministers Prepare Sports Betting Draft

india sports bettingIn the wake of match fixing scandals that have rocked the Indian Cricket Premier League (IPL), Indian ministers are preparing to draft the countries first ever sports betting doctrine to be reviewed and considered by parliament . Many commentators view this as India’s first steps to legalized sports betting . The Indian Sport Association  had commented that it had been examining creating a first legislation draft prior to this years cricket match-fixing controversy.a standalone bill is currently circulating in draft form under the working title of the ‘Prevention of Dishonesty in Sporting Events’.

Although still in its early stages, the proposed drafting of this bill has seen cooperation between various governmental organizations and bodies such as the Indian ministry of Sports, Law and Social Affairs, some detractors have opinionated that this may be a long term hindrance to any bill being processed in a swift and timely manner and the aims or goals of the bill may lost due to too much organizational involvement and lack of long term focus. The Hindustan Times quoted a senior Sports ministry official saying there was “no clarity in the draft and we feel it would be difficult to implement.”

Sports betting has had numerous supporters among Indian Ministers Farooq Abdullah, Minister for New And Renewable Energy, commented to reporters that sports betting was “happening worldwide so why not in India?” Earlier in the week, popular businessman Vijay Mallya – whose personal business portfolio includes the Kingfisher beer brewery and the Force India Formula 1 team added his support for legal betting in India by tweeting  “Indians bet on anything. Huge bucks n all underhand. Why don’t we legalize betting and earn revenue?”

With regards to online gaming or sports betting, Indians are not restricted access to online sportsbook by government blocks on website IPs, nevertheless under current Indian law all forms of online gambling are illegal. under the Public Gambling Act 1867 and the Indian IT Act 2000. Wagering on online sports betting is therefore considered a cyber crime by Indian Federal law, however it must be noted that due to the complexities of enforcing the above mentioned law, many Indians participate in online gambling.  In terms of  operations by bookmakers complications can occur on payment and processing of Indian credit transactions over the internet. Many Bookmakers do not have the appropriate billing tools to service Indian clientele.

At present, horse racing is the only sport which the federal government has authorized legal wagering. Wagering on horse racing is only deemed legal practice inside selected government approved and sanctioned racing tracks, no wagering on horse racing can be processed online.

Although ministerial support is pro legalisation, India’s diverse and complex political and cultural make-up will likely see a long and arduous process to legalizing sports betting. Many believing that the bill will not be implemented before 2015, gaming industry insiders await more development in what could become a very lucrative market for operators.

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