WGES Live Blog – Europe after the 3rd recession and a vision for the ROW

frankie21SBC WGES Live Blog Wednesday Europe after the 3rd recession and a vision for the ROW – where do the chips fall?

  • Session  – WGES Regulation & Economic Deals -14:40 CET
  • Topic – Current world economic climate and its effect on igaming
  • Session Speaker – Jim Reid Global Strategist –  Deustche Bank


Session Summary
Jim Reid predicts Europe financial  state in 10 years time and what financial and social outlook EU member states will have. Ryan explores what this means for the regulation of igaming with regards to Europe. The speaker tries to underline where he views potential growth and value for operators in the future. Finally the speaker examines the condition of USA legislation being implemented and its potential affect on operator bottom line?


SBC Key Session Notes

  1. Ried addresses current economic downturn of Europe and its member states, speaker addresses impact on consumerism,  purchase habits of individual nations and its effects on the Euro currency and its future growth. Speaker describes the potential uplift and which countries are likely to see fastest economic comeback in the coming years, Ryan signals Germany and UK to be market leaders, he further outlines that the process will be long and may not guarantee Europe hitting heights of growth witnessed in the early 2000’s.
  2. Regulated markets will need time to prosper, as Tax Levy and regional sanctions are imposed. Operators have to judge the process of entering these European markets carefully, they must also look to see where they can gain best margin control on operations and cost of marketing.
  3. It is expected that USA will add value to European operators that seek to increase presence and capital by targeting the USA. However legislation could be more convoluted than in Europe and will need operators to restructure their operations in order to tackle US market. USA growth will simply be imminent due to popularity of gambling and size of market.


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