Igaming Strategy & Search Think Tank – Mark Davies on Marketing Context!

merkdeviesMark Davies, Managing Director of Camberton Communication opens the Igaming Strategy & Search Think Tank .  The speaker sets the content in which igaming marketeers will have to operate in the coming years, focusing on the recent political debate concerning problem gambling in the UK, political and press pressure for legislation of the igaming sector.

Mark Davies tells his audience that all marketeers have to begin to understand the legal and governmental  context in which gaming and sports betting operates. Speaker states that marketing teams can no longer act operationally separately to legal and governance departments within igaming corporations.

Davies concludes that UK igaming and sports betting corporations need to align and re-think their corporate communications and self-promotion as an industry, in order to encourage a fairer debate in governance.

 SBC Session Notes

  • The Context of gaming regulation and debate is  not understood by the parties involved – operators, marketeers, politicians, etc…. This has created an unfair  and bias debate by both sides, which Devies believes is skewed by self interest. More efforts at top level need to be placed to create a clear agenda for debate.
  • Marketeers have to understand government concerns regarding gaming promotion and coverage. The reality is that no government will want mass visibility of gaming brands to their public. Gaming marketing will always have to work within a framework.
  • Gaming has very few governmental aides promoting the positives/benefits of the industry, this has not helped as igaming sector is now facing a fight for credibility in both the general public’s and government minds. Current UK FOBT debate is a clear example of this issue.
  • Regulation will not be holistic and will not serve all operators in gaming. Davies expects future legislation in both the UK and Europe to disrupt the igaming market with many smaller operators having to consolidate or go out of business. Marketeers have to learn to operate with new constraints.




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